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The Audiometric Tester

18 September 2008

Excalibur have launched an audiometry tester to help meet regulations.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 made hearing testing compulsory where exposure levels were exceeded. This linked with ever increasing claims for noise-induced-hearing-loss mean that now is the time to stem the flow of potential litigation. What could be an occupational hazard, can be easily prevented with the right equipment. Castle Group Limited has created the Excalibur Audiometer to assist companies facing this issue.

Technologically advanced, the Excalibur makes light work of the testing process by using the power of a PC or laptop computer to efficiently carry out audiometric testing and store results. The comprehensive data management of the Excalibur system adds flexibility and control virtually unheard of in audiometry. Regular software updates also mean you will never be caught out again by any changes in the regulations, or codes of practice.

Connecting directly to a PC or laptop, the Excalibur is very easy to use and will guide the examiner through with the aid of prompts PC screen guide the examiner through the testing process.

The Excalibur’s state of the art features include the ability to compare new data with previous test results for category 1 analysis, and can even generate letters that recall patients for testing. Whole “batches” of test data can then easily be analyzed to give management statistics. Castle also offers a three-day training course in Industrial Audiometry.

The course is designed to give delegates an in-depth working knowledge of audiometric testing programmes through practical learning. The course is approved by the British Society of Audiology (BSA) and focuses heavily on Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance.

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