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Fancy Seeing Your Noise On My Big Flashing Pole?

17 February 2015

Your local council have the power to control the noise from construction sites under their Control of Pollution Act 1974 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990, which can include a limitation on working hours.

This has the potential to have disastrous implications to meeting deadlines, so it is vitally important to keep control of site noise levels.

The CNX 360° Mobile Visual Noise Indicator is an award winning standalone unit, specifically designed for life in the construction, demolition and civil engineering industries. It houses a series of high visibility LEDs, displaying a traffic light system at full 360 degrees — providing clear visuals to all angles in a single instrument.

The CNX 360° is incredibly simple to set up and use

For Environmental Noise Nuisance, place the CNX 360° at your site boundary to monitor sound levels and provide an immediate indication of whether you have noise nuisance issues.

For Noise at Work Health & Safety, place the CNX 360° in the vicinity of noise sources, ideally a similar distance away from the sound source as the operatives (microphone may be detached). Ensuring the CNX 360° is in view shouldn't be difficult thanks to its 360 degree display, clearly informing employees when wearing PPE hearing protection is required.

Simple switch between A and C weighting parameters for Environmental Noise Nuisance and Health & Safety respectively.

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