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Would you buy a car without test driving it?

23 January 2015

It’s a fact that in 2015, many businesses are going to purchase new equipment and instruments in the fight to survive, be competitive, and achieve growth.

To achieve this, investment is necessary. So why not ensure your investments in 2015 are as risk free as possible? We can help you with that.

Our “Try Before You Buy” scheme allows you to take any piece of equipment at a rental price to trial in your own working environment for a week. If you then go on and decide that this is the right piece of equipment for you, we’ll refund ALL of the rental price you’ve already paid.

For example: hire our popular Vexo Vibration Meter, decide you’d benefit from purchasing one and we’ll refund you the whole £250; hire a BW Quattro Gas Meter from us and you decide to buy it, we’ll refund you the £40 rental charge.

Over 150 products available at

P.S. If you do choose to purchase one for yourself we’ll send you a brand new one of your own.

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