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Industrial Noise Complaints - BS4142 - it's all new

12 February 2015

The recent revision of BS4142:2014 (Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound) has set the world of acoustics alight with discussion and debate and it has certainly revolutionised the process for investigating complaints regarding industrial and commercial operations.

They have managed to build in a more complex assessment methodology, increased measurement and interpretation. So, it's not all plain sailing.

The good news is that we have managed to cut a path through the new text and have built this in to become a core focus for our Environmental Noise Competent Person Course, so if you could use a helping hand with BS4142:2014, or if you have neighbours, then this course is a must-attend event.

One notable change to the standard is the need to measure weather conditions at the time of the noise measurement - this cannot be by forecast or observation, but must be by measurement! Other than that, the method for assessing character correction has changed significantly, including the potential to measure for tonality or impulsivity. So as you can see, guidance and thought is certainly required before you attempt to dive headlong into any assessments.

For anyone who is going to have to deal with this new standard, be it as an assessor, an Environmental Health Officer or a business owner who simply needs to know how to handle a CSR programme, then the Castle course will be invaluable to you.

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