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New Sound Meter from Castle - quiet as a Mouse

21 January 2009

Taking its' name from the Latin word meaning "Voice", the newly updated Vocis Sound Meter from Castle Group certainly has a lot to say for itself.

The Vocis can show exactly how much protection can be expected from any given hearing protection device, straight to the screen, via its' built in hearing protection database. Data can then be compared to the Exposure Limit Value from the Noise at Work Regulations 2005. This eases the onus of erroneous and time consuming calculations on the part of the Safety Officer, providing fast, accurate attenuation data analysis.

Castle’s dBdataPRO dedicated software then enables the hearing protection comparison to be uploaded directly to a PC or onto a portable printer - vital for any future litigation.

Chris Frear of Coors Brewery, Tadcaster said, ‘In the brewing industry, we needed a rugged instrument that was simple to use in a potentially tough environment. The Castle Vocis seemed to fit the mark and has certainly proven itself since we purchased it. Some of our team also attended a Castle Training course, which we found to be geared to exactly what we needed; the right amount of practical and theory to help us get the job done.’

For noise at work risk assessment in just one measurement with real time octave band analysis, twin measurement channels and 32mb of data-logging memory, the Castle Pro-DX Vocis Sound Meter is the ideal choice for health & safety professionals and being weather and dust proof, is designed for tough environments.

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