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Plastic tags to your own design

10 October 2014

Many businesses have a requirement for custom printed identification tags for a variety of production, assembly, quality control, health and safety, inspection, maintenance and servicing needs, and Label Source has extensive knowledge in providing tags to meet these requirements.

Our custom plastic tags are secure, waterproof, weatherproof, tear and impact resistant in polypropylene, pvc and engraving laminates. These are suitable for indoor, outdoor, onshore or offshore use.
The tags are available in a selection of background colours. The tag can be die cut to specific shapes (including rectangles, circles, ovals etc.), with a variety of fixing options (ie. slotted holes), with perforations for tear off sections, all made to include your own logos and text, in different languages if needed, and including serial numbers or barcodes.
So if you need to tag your products to deliver valuable information to users, then contact us to discuss your necessity.

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