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Are you using CE labels correctly?

04 December 2014

CE Labelling is mandatory in the EU, on products included in the scope of one or more of the new approach directives.

Some of these directives cover products such as, medical devices, radio and telecommunications terminal equipment, marine equipment, pressure equipment, non-automatic weighing instruments They are used to show that the product is verified with the regulations of the European Conformity, which means the product can be sold in the EEA (European Economic Area).  This also applies to products manufactured in other countries which are sold in the EEA. These labels and nameplates state that the product has been assessed and is fully compliant, before being placed on the market.
Label Source supply a range of CE labels and nameplates, available in self- adhesive vinyl (with a clear protective surface) and also in aluminium. These labels and nameplates are rub test compliant, scratch and chemical resistance and waterproof.Some of the CE labelling products include WEEE and RoHS symbols (for product recycling).

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