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Why Electrical Labels are essential

10 October 2014

Electrical labels are so vital. Neglecting a dangerous area can cause serious damage, including electrical shocks.

Electric shock injuries can result in the following:  

  • Muscle spasms impair the ability to detach from the electrical source.  
  • It also causes your lungs to tighten and constrict making it hard to breathe.
  • As your blood vessels constrict the beat of your heart can also be disrupted.
  • You will also find burns as the electricity enters and then leaves your body
Did you also know that:
  • As the human body is 70% water, electricity moves quickly through us making us good conductors.
  • Electricity moves at the speed of light. Resulting in you having little chance of pulling away quickly avoiding getting hurt, so it goes without saying that prevention is the cure.
The importance of electrical labels cannot be overlooked and if you own, run, or manage a premise which poses a possible electrical threat, you really cannot be too overcautious with your signage.

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