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Labels for enclosures and cabinets

12 October 2016

Many of our labels are supplied for marking enclosures or cabinets housing control or automation equipment for industrial, electrical, traffic control, street lighting, security or telecommunications purposes.

These custom produced labels include branding of company logos, rating plates to identify make and model, operating instructions, asset or inventory control, or for safety (such as electrical voltage symbols).

The cabinets or junction boxes can be for indoor or outdoor use and the specification of such labels should reflect the differing applications.
Adhesives have to be chosen to suit the enclosure fabric, which can vary from plastics, fibreglass to metal (such as aluminium, galvanized stainless steel). Also, surface finishes can vary from low energy, to stippled or contoured. Another option is to provide metal labels with drill holes for screwing or riveting to housings.

Operating conditions can vary from clean hygiene environments, where surfaces need to be regularly be treated for contaminants), to marine conditions with high salt or chlorine content, harsh climatic conditions (high precipitation, high winds, dry dust, UV resistance, or low/high temperatures), or aggressive chemical atmospheres. Therefore, the choice of materials and protective laminates can be critical to enable the labels to suit the application.
So, no matter if these are free standing, or wall mounted, for internal or external location, we can work with you to provide a labelling marker solution. To discuss your label needs contact us by or call us on 0800 3761693 (Freephone in the UK), or + 44 (0) 1443 842769 (outside UK).

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