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Prevent your workers from Needle Stick injuries

10 October 2014

The European parliament described needle sick injury as ‘one of the most serious health and safety threats in European workplace’. This applies particularly to people working in the healthcare sector where injuries occur at any time when handling needles, syringes or any other needle equipment, which are disassembled or disposed. Other occupations which can also be affected are carers, cleaners and tattoo artists.

The European Agency of Occupational Health and Safety estimates that 1 million needle stick injuries occur annually. This then allows workers to be more vulnerable and at risk to catching deadly viruses such as hepatitis B and C and HIV. These injuries can expose employees to over 20 different blood borne diseases, as even small amounts of infectious fluid can spread certain diseases effectively, also an injury can cause psychological distress, which is caused by the fear that they may have been infected.
Label Source wants to help you prevent needle stick injuries in the workplace. We provide a range of signs advising you of how to prevent any injuries. Signs which are demonstrated around the workplace informing people to dispose, wear disposal gloves, hand protection, clinical and hazardous waste, clean area and report all accidents, can avoid Needle Stick Injuries from accruing. Our first poster, preventing injuries from sharps and needle stick are considered a part of the routine practises by healthcare workers, and other handlers of sharps; so make sure you are following these routine best practices with the help of Label Source.  

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