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Fleet managers: summer is on its way

01 February 2013

Steve Clarke, general manager of The Fuelcard People, has reminded fleet managers that freezing weather is never permanent: “Summer is really not that far off.” He was making the point that time passes faster than we realise, to show how easy it can be to overlook some infrequent tasks. “You can’t forget about insurance, MOT or Road Tax,” he said, “but it’s easy to put off the annual fuel card review.”

He pointed out that failing to obey the law can be costly, but forgetting to check the fuel card market each year can be even more expensive.

“A fine is a one-off charge and is typically relatively low for a first offence. Carrying on with last year’s fuel card, without checking your options, could mean paying for the neglect every time a nozzle is put into the tank.”

Steve pointed out that fuel cards, and their suppliers, are not all the same. The market itself is dynamic: today’s options are not the same as a year ago.

“The Total fuel card is the most obvious example of change. A year ago, it was the best choice for many fleets. Today, it doesn’t even exist. The only way for a fleet manager to be confident of having the best possible deal on refuelling is to check every major fuel card brand, at least annually".

Steve continued;

"Some, unfortunately, seem emotionally tied to suppliers that don’t cover every major brand. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to compare everything available before making a vital, potentially expensive, fuel card choice.”

Steve concluded;

“The Fuelcard People may not be able to help with the weather, but we can examine every major fuel card brand to find the best possible deal for any fleet.”

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