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Need to carry a lot of ice Kanga have the answer!

09 June 2015

Catering Equipment Ltd who are centrally located in Birmingham now offer a great method to transport ice in an insulated thermal box, but the difference here is the boxes are fully lined.

In fact this is a world first, the interior is smooth and watertight and complimented by a close fitting waterproof lid. All this combined with a massive 39 lts capacity and large generous lifting handles and a compact exterior size of only 67.5 Cms x 400 Cms x 290 Cms the Kanga box insulated Professional ice mover is a must for any bar. Manufactured from robust ultra-lightweight expanded polypropylene available in ten different colours,( this is the stuff they make car dash boards and aircraft wings from). EPP for short is a well tried material having been in use for many years , but the great benefit to the end user is, it is light to handle, very strong and has an insulation value of approximately 1 degree C per hour.

Catering Equipment deliver next day throughout the UK and with a stock holding of over 70,000 items held in our Central Birmingham warehouse we deliver from stock.

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