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Keep your drinks hot this Winter with CEL

31 October 2023

With the colder weather upon us, are you prepared for keeping hot beverages hot this Winter for catering applications including outdoor events, homeless shelters and “Soup Kitchens” to name but a few?

Warwickshire based Catering Equipment Ltd carry a comprehensive range of kitchen appliances, equipment and accessories to keep for maintaining and dispensing hot drinks and soups and other beverages.
Our product range includes 8 Water Boilers ranging from 8 litre to 40 litre. Accessories include descaling sachets and self-adhesive “Caution – Very Hot Water” stickers.
Our range of Airpots & Pumps are suitable for remote serving applications such as in function rooms sand meeting rooms. Capacities range from 1.9 litre to 5 litre. Our range of Insulated Flasks are ideal for mobile use in vehicles.

For kitchen and restaurant applications we also carry large stocks of Vacuum Jugs and other drinks containers including Teapots, Coffee Pots, Milk Jugs and Water Jugs.

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