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Never lose a Gastronorm Lid again!

14 February 2020

Ever forgotten where you put that Gastronorm Lid?

Kitchens are busy environments at the quietest of times and it's easy to forget where you put things and that's without other people moving things around and putting things back either where they don't belong, or not where you put them.

Catering Equipment Ltd can help though with their newly designed holder specifically for storing Gastronorm Lids. Without even having to screw another shelf, rack or hook system to your kitchen walls or ceiling, the Gastronorm Lid Holder from CEL simply clips onto the side of the Gastronorm Container - simple, efficient, low cost and time saving.

Although Catering Equipment Ltd can't help you find everything you lose in the kitchen, at least you'll never lose a Gastonorm Container Lid again.

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