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Keeping Ice Cream cool with CEL

19 July 2022

Helping stay cool with an Ice Cream is one thing but what about keeping the Ice Cream cool? Catering Equipment Ltd has a range of products suitable for storing and serving the sweet Sumer treat at the ideal temperature.

Warwickshire based catering equipment specialists Catering Equipment Ltd, have a comprehensive range of Ice Cream Containers and Lids as well as associated products, available from stock for immediate nationwide delivery.

Our product range includes Stainless Steel containers in 2.5 - 5 litres. Our 4.7 litre Polypropylene Container and Lid is hygienically packed and ready to be filled with Ice Cream and designed to be placed directly into the 5 litre Stainless Steel container.
Round and oblong inset design complete Dipper Wells are available to complement any worktop to keep Ice Cream scoops, dippers and ballers  clean and sanitised.
A range of Portioners, Dippers and Ballers as well as Gelato style Spatulas in Stainless Steel with Plastic handles compliments the range.

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