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Carbon Heater HotPAD extends product life in Heated Food Containers

19 October 2022

If you need to extend the heated life of a food product in an Insulated Food Transport Box, the Carbon HotPAD from CEL is the solution.

Portable Hot Boxes are readily available but they’re expensive to buy, heavy to lift and expensive to run. But Warwickshire based Catering Equipment Ltd have introduced their reasonably priced solution in their Carbon HotPAD – and it’s 99.99% efficient!
A 240v version works in the kitchen as well as a 12v version for Cars and Vans. Temperature is automatically controlled at 75° C and the heaters are rated IP67 (Splashproof).  Cleaning is easy with just a damp cloth. Best of all, at just 10mm high, it has minimal impact on storage space within your chosen food transport box.
Pair the HotPAD with CEL’s KangaBox to keep your food product warm and you’ll also meet HACCP regulations.

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