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Tea Ern? Keep your water hot this Winter with CEL

22 August 2022

Many people of a certain era will remember the classic gag from the Morecombe & Wise show, but many people will also forgot to plan ahead. Summer is all but over and yet the Winter months will soon be upon us. Keeping your water hot with a Catering Urn from Catering Equipment Ltd will keep you ready for the colder months ahead.

Catering Equipment Ltd have a comprehensive range of Water Boilers from 8 litres to 40 litres from two of the leading manufacturers, Buffalo and Burco.
The Buffalo range starts with the 10 litre model with 2.6Kw element providing a heat up time of just 22 minutes and the 40 litre model in under 90 minutes. 2.6Kw 20 and 30 litre models are also available.
The Burco range starts at just 8 litres with a 2Kw element with variable thermostat and boil dry protection. The 30 litre model also has boil dry protection. A 10 litre and two 20 litre models are also available.

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