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Keeping food hot or cold – whatever the weather

27 June 2022

Whether it’s a garden party, picnic or barbecue, catering equipment suppliers CEL can keep your food and drink hot or cold, regardless of the weather.

Catering Equipment Ltd has a comprehensive range of food and beverage storage and transport solutions to help keep food and drink at the right temperature.
The Kangabox range consists of the 20 litre Trip, Expert in 7 sizes from 10-46 litre, Easy in 7 sizes from 12 – 62 litre and the Professional in 39 and 48 litre sizes. Other solutions include the Tower GN in 64 and 100 litre capacity and the Pull Trolley 6 litre transport box with wheels and pull handle.
The Dometic range of insulated food storage and transport boxes includes Cool Ice in 22 and 85 litre capacities.
A Eutectic Hot Plate and Cold Plate are also available.

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