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Pull Trolley Makes Light Work of Food & Drink Transport

04 January 2022

When it comes to the insulated transport and storage of hot or cold food and drink, CEL’s Trolley Box with integrated wheels and handle is the perfect solution.

The new Trolley Box from Catering Equipment Ltd is made from expanded polypropylene, providing lightweight but outstanding strength. Capable of loads up to 50kg,  the insulated Trolley Box has a retractable handle and roller wheel system.

Supplied with a Black lid as standard, other colours are available as well as custom graphics such as company logo or branding.

External dimensions 420mm x 420mm x 600mm high.
Internal dimensions 360mm  x 360mm x 460mm deep.

Ideal for applications within many industries including hospitality, healthcare, railway stations factories and rapid food service delivery among many others, the 30mm thick thermally efficient walls mean a heat loss of only 1-2 degrees an hour under normal conditions transporting hot contents.

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