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Looking for Bar, Café & Restaurant Equipment?

28 June 2023

If you’re looking for catering products for bars, café’s, or restaurants, from Containers to sinks and Jugs to Storage Boxes, at CEL we have it all.

Based in Warwickshire since 1996, Catering Equipment Ltd specialise in all types of catering equipment for the hospitality sector.

Our Bar Equipment product range includes, Bottle Openers, Bottle Trolley Bins, Ice Wells & Drip Trays, Pint & Half Pint Glasses, Spirit Bottle Optics & Stands, Thimble Measures and much more.

Our product range for Cafes includes Bistro Chairs & Tables, Serviette Holders, Squeezy Sauce Bottles, Cutlery and much more.

Our restaurant product range includes Baking Trays, Blow Torches & Gas Canisters, Bottle Chiller Sleeves, Burns Kits, Casserole Pans & Stockpots, Catering Film, Condiment Dispensers, Magnetic Knife Racks, Pizza Pans & Cutters, Serviette Holders, Stainless Steel Saucepans, Frying Pans & Lids, Utensils and much more.

Of course whichever setting you're in, you'll be needing a First Aid Kit and we do those too.

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