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CEL explain the importance of hand washing

12 September 2019

Anyone who is about to handle food, whether cooking in a restaurant, preparing food in a deli, even to cook at home, should wash their hands before they touch not just the food, but also any utensils and equipment they'll be using. Catering Equipment Ltd explain why.

Hand washing before handling food is the best way to prevent the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms that cause infections and food poisoning to occur. 

The law states that people who work in a commercial food handling environment, such as a restaurant kitchen, cafeteria, bakery, or deli counter, must wash their hands before or after certain activities. 

Are your premises or function adequately setup for handwashing?

Catering Equipment Ltd stock a range of hand washing solutions for the hospitality industry including;
  • Portable Round Hot Water Sink
  • Portable Square Hot Water Sink
  • Electric Portable Hot Water Sink
  • Knee Operated Sink
  • Heavy Duty Anti-Vandal Sink

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