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Groundbreaking, Sensual and Lip-Smacking

04 November 2010

Lip Fixation™ in Three New Shades!

Unsightly feathering and drying are concerns of lesser mortals whose lips have not experienced a coat of double-ended Lip Fixation. Neither coffee cup, wine glass nor a lover’s lips will bear witness to a rendezvous with this little two-timer.

Innovative technology combines a long wearing customisable colour lip stain on one end and a tasty gloss loaded with moisturising avocado oil on the other, preventing the drying associated with inferior lip stains.

The lip gloss is exclusively formulated to extend wear time, while pure organic vanilla powder lends a soothing, scrumptious taste and a proprietary formula makes the stain impervious to water.

Devotion Develop a crush on sultry coral and shimmering pink gloss.

Fetish Keep things mysterious with cool plum and delicate lilac.

Rapture Warm up to timeless red and sumptuous shine.                                                                                
Groundbreaking Lip Fixation in three new shades

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