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Witts' key to safety

19 May 2009

A simple keymark inserted between a quick coupler and a gas supply hose coupling, available from Witt, the gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier, can improve the level of safety when using acetylene and oxygen.

The keymark coupling was originally designed to be used by welders in shipyards to stop serious explosive accidents occurring due to unauthorised use of acetylene and oxygen by other workers. The keymark, which is designed for use with the SK 100 quick hose coupler and hose coupling, is a 5cm diameter flat ring with 3 studs that is inserted between the coupler and the hose coupling connection. When the keymark is used, the studs are pressed into the coupler when connected to the hose coupling, only then will the gas start to flow.

This keymark can be used as a simple to use, low cost safety device for welding applications in a multitude of industries, including automotive and general fabrication, using oxygen, oxy-fuel and inert gases, by being issued only to equipment operators. Keymarks can be individually identified with an individuals' works number or some other identification of those personnel allowed to carry out welding.

The SK100 hose couplings meet ISO 7289 standard and are EN 561BAM certified. They prevent uncontrolled escape of gas when disconnected through their automatic cut off valves as well as prevent build up of explosive gas mixtures in the gas supply pipe due to their non-return valves, whilst different probes are used for oxygen, oxy-fuel and inert gases, so that the gas being used can only be connected to the correct probe.

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