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Red Dot award for Witts' multifunction Gas Analyser

08 June 2009

The MAPY 4.0 gas analyser from Witt, the gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier has received a red dot award for outstanding design having aesthetics combined with ergonomics and technical functionality.

The internationally renowned red dot awards, presented each year, are some of the most sought after product design awards in the world. This year over 3,200 entries from 1,400 companies in 49 different countries were entered for the awards, which were judged by some of the worlds' top design professionals.

MAPY 4.0 is a mains operated, portable, multifunctional O2 and CO2 gas analyser for use with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) in the food processing and packaging industries. It features an ergonomic design with data on an easy to read, angled, full colour touch screen.

Carl Long, Witts' UK General Manager said; “The international jury paid tribute to the work of Witts' engineers for designing a product that offers an outstanding combination of efficient technical features and ergonomic design. User needs have been taken into account during development as it is simple to operate using a touch screen for optimum information. It offers high-speed precision measurements and excellent process reliability through automatic flow control, on-going system checks and product-related limit values.

It also has numerous connection alternatives and options, such as an integrated printer for immediate documentation of results, Ethernet, USB, WLAN connections and a barcode reader enable easy integration in a process line. The sturdy stainless steel housing fulfils high hygiene requirements particularly for the food sector.”

Alexander Kampschulte, Witt-Gasetechniks' Head of Marketing said; "MAPY 4.0 is our all-rounder for measuring protective atmospheres with a wide range of uses, for quality assurance in packaging and welding, for permanent blend monitoring or random sampling for different types of gases. The red dot award serves to confirm the importance we place on customer-oriented product development. The jury's verdict is a real seal of quality that makes us very proud."

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