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The new LP2+ from Little Plumber

17 March 2014

12 Years in Hard Water Treatment

Little Plumber has now launched its very latest electronic water softener which is a replacement for the incredibly successful LP2. It is the LP2+

Featuring a much stronger output, the LP2+ has been totally redesigned to broadcast a new range of HARMONICS. This has been achieved by starting the microchip operations at slightly differing times.

The LP2+ incorporates two individual microchips each programmed to deliver a selected range of low frequency radio waves. By programming each to start up at a different time the overall effect is to generate a range of harmonics which have been shown to increase the crystallisation of the Calcium and Carbonate molecules in hard water. This effectively acts as an efficient electronic water softener

The uses are far ranging from domestic to commercial. The individual treatment of heat generators, steam generators, cooling towers and other areas where limescale is a problem can now be achieved with minimum cost and no maintenance.

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