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Get soft water and help reduce CO2

31 October 2017

Our electronic water softeners help reduce Carbon Dioxide

GLOBAL WARMING The BIG problem is apathy. In the daily rush of life most people don’t think much about the future and they certainly don’t really consider that there children, grand-children and great grandchildren will one day be as old as they are now.

They certainly don’t want to contemplate what problems this future holds for them. If they did then apathy wouldn’t be the BIG problem. It is facing up to this future and the increasing problem of global warming that will affect generations to come, that makes responsible parents and grand-parents think about taking action today. So what can you do to reduce the ever increasing amount of Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere? What can any of us do? Fewer trips to Tesco, switching off appliances, lagging lofts and installing double glazing are some of the generally accepted ways to kerb our energy use. Or if you can afford it buy an electric car !!!

However there is one way that can really help in your energy conversion and that is to treat hard water to prevent it forming limescale. You’ve only to look at this graph (pic) to show you how much energy is lost by limescale. clogging up your pipes. So why has the Little Plumber become so popular? Well it’s been around nearly 18 years now and is still made in the U.K. It costs very little to buy (start at £110.00 inc VAT), requires no maintenance, is easy to install as there is no plumbing involved and is guaranteed to remove and prevent limescale throught your property.

The fact is that what you’ll spend on a small device like Little Plumber will be saved by using less energy in a short time. We estimate payback is between one and two years. Meanwhile you’ll enjoy the real benefits of softer water, less detergent, softer skin and hair and all with absolutely no maintenance and a full 12 month money back guarantee. It looks like a win-win. Help the planet and your children and grandchildren while also benefiting from lower energy bills and softer water and NO RISK INVOLVED.

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