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Electronic water descaler vs Ion Exchange water softener

05 July 2011

For over 10 years we have been banging on about global warming and how much energy we could save by removing and preventing Limescale, the curse of the hard water.

Previously, if you wanted soft water you had to install an ion exchange water softener which had to be plumbed in, required a dedicated cold feed for drinking water, needed bags and bags of salt and then finally drained the Calcium enriched water down the drain in what is oddly termed as 'regeneration'. This means that about 25 gallons of salty and Calcium rich water is flushed down the drain every time.

You might consider this a waste when there is a simpler method to treat hard water which has actually been around for 10 years - an electronic water descaler called Little Plumber.

More and more people are finding that the Little Plumber hard water descaler is the preferred alternative to old “salty”. These electronic limescale descalers not only prevent limescale from building up in your pipework, heating system, hot water cylinder and household appliances such as kettles, washing machines and dishwashers, but in addition, will gradually remove existing limescale and actually make the water feel softer too.

The energy that these fit and forget electro magnetic water descalers save in one year is more than equal to the purchase price and also the annual running cost (£2.00) combined.

Recent estimations show that if every house in the UK in a hard water area fitted one, we could close down 5 coal fed power stations. What a help to our atmosphere that would be.

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