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Little Plumbers' positive steps in reducing global warming

12 November 2010

Barak Obama among others has called for a worldwide effort to reduce Global Warming but can he and others deliver?

The USA creates probably more CO2 per head than any other country and it is therefore refreshing to find a President who is willing to take up the challenge to cut emissions in a country, which per capita creates the most. I doubt it will really have any effect because the whole economy not only of the USA but also Europe and most “developed” economies depends almost 100% on oil. It is a somewhat knee-jerk reaction to the BP oil-spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that Obama makes this plea and apart from lambasting BP it is difficult to see what else he has done to reduce Carbon emissions.

The oil-based economies of the world are now so dependent on oil that if it were to suddenly to dry up or become unavailable, even our British Society with its thin veneer of respectability would suddenly become very different. Imagine one day no oil, no petrol no diesel. How would that affect you personally?

You need food so you take your usual trip to the supermarket but of course there is no food because the delivery trucks could not get there. You have just enough petrol in your car to make it back to your home but you have no food. What next? Night is approaching and there may well be power cuts because nobody can transport the coal to the power stations and there is no oil. You contact neighbours from whom initially, and because people sharing common problems will help each other, you manage to obtain enough food for one night and perhaps the next days breakfast.

After about a week, things will become very different and the thin veneer of respectability will have gone. Those with guns will fair best because they can actually go out and kill something to eat and those with allotments will also be able to feed themselves.

You think this is a far-fetched possibility? It really is not. If this country could not get any oil for 4 weeks there would be absolute turmoil. So we not only need to protect the environment from Global Warming but we very urgently need to use less carbon fuels while alternatives are being found.

So why won’t Obamas request for reduced fuel consumptions and cleaner living be met? The answer is greed as each day millions of us expends energy trying to earn as much as we can.

The hypocrisy of organisations that seem to be there to help with CO2 reduction is also a factor. After all most of them are Government run and funded so the people who work there have no real incentive to do anything other than look the part and that is precisely what happens.

Look at the Energy Saving Trust here in the UK and the length of time it has taken them just to recognise that electronic water conditioners can play a huge part in saving energy. Splendid Products make and sell the Little Plumber range, which for 10 years has removed and prevented limescale throughout Britain thereby saving millions of tons of extra CO2 being released into the atmosphere by dramatically improving the efficiency of hot water boilers.

The EST resolutely refuses to endorse these products and why, because the cost of accreditation to their standards is so high that nobody in the industry can afford it. What a pity and this is only one small example of hypocrisy along with protracted self-interest that ensures none of Obamas requests will be met. Just like so many other political pledges and pleas that sound fine on the day, nothing happens because greed wins over ideals.

Regrettably the answer lies not with the Politicians. No the answer has to be found in common sense and social responsibility which some people exhibit and most do not. So it’s up to you, yes you reading this article. Obama can call the tune but only you can play it.

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