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Little Plumber keeps steam generator limescale free

04 February 2011

A Little Plumber LP3 electronic descaler installed at the De Vere Hotel in June 2009 is still keeping the steam rooms' Carel Humisteam steam generator in optimum condition.

The Little Plumber LP3 limescale remover and inhibitor has saved the hotel a great deal of money. In addition, the steam room is always working, eliminating considerable downtime.

De Vere Maintenance Manager, Travis said;

“Before we installed the LP3, the steam generator was always breaking down because of limescale. Now we change the canister very infrequently which has saved us a fortune.” Obviously the fact that the customers are no longer plagued by the steam room not working, which used to be the case prior to the LP3 being installed is even more important.”

The LP3 unit is made in Oxford by Splendid Products Ltd who gaurantee that their units remove and prevent limescale.

With so many steam rooms in hard water areas which are continually scaling up, it's a problem that the Little Plumber is fighting fit to tackle.

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