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So how do you know if your hard water needs a Little Plumber?

22 July 2009

Splendid Products, manufacturers of the Little Plumber electronic descaler are offering free tester strips to enable people to test the water hardness in their area.

The water hardness tester strips are available free of charge via the Little Plumber website. To receive one, simply complete your name and address details and one will be sent to you in the post. Accompanying the tester strip will be a brochure and covering letter. There are no obligations and no sales person will call.

Testing your water for hardness is simplicity in itself too, by taking a small amount of water in a cup from a cold water tap and going to the Little Plumber website online water hardness guide. Dip the test strip into the water for about 5 seconds and compare the strip against the on-screen guide. Anything over 50ppm (parts per million) and you will need a Little Plumber electronic water descaler.

Hard water produces limescale, which causes many problems in plumbing systems and connected appliances. Perhaps one of the worst is the scaling up of heat exchangers in boilers and hot water tank. The effect of this continual deposit of limescale is to hugely diminish the ability of the heat generated by the boiler to actually heat the water as the limescale acts as an insulator.

Getting rid of these limescale deposits is easy with the Little Plumber LP range as they not only prevent limescale forming but also actually remove existing scale. This means that in time, fuel bills are reduced as less energy is needed to heat the water thus reducing your carbon footprint.

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