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Winter weather is all about energy conservation

21 September 2009

At this time of the year everyone is preparing themselves for colder weather which means “turning on the heat”. In most cases this also means making sure the central heating system is in working order.

One of the things we all notice each year is the ever-increasing cost of energy, be it oil, gas or electricity. Everyone is telling us to be more economical and go green, but just what can we do to provide the same level of warmth including hot water and adopt this GREEN approach too? A lot of people have lagged their loft spaces and installed double glazing and others have adopted many of the proposals outlined by the buzzy Quangos such as the Carbon Trust or the Energy Saving Trust but at the end of the day, if it gets really cold, on comes the heating.

One of the ways to significantly conserve the energy you use is to prevent the ravages of limescale in hard water. You will notice the dreadful white stuff more commonly in kettles but imagine what it must look like in your hot water cylinder or boiler. Limescale acts as an insulator on heat exchangers and costs even more to heat the water.

The cost of limescale caused by hard water is well known but what the little green Quangos do not tell you is that you can completely eradicate the limescale problem by installing an electronic water conditioner. These little devices, tried and tested over years, actually prevent and remove limescale. The cost of just one unit is less than the cost of the energy it will save so if you spend £100 you can expect to save more than £100 in energy costs.

Little Plumber, one of the UKs' leading electronic water conditioner brands from Splendid Produsts, has been helping to protect the environment by saving energy for 10 years. Saving energy is not all about costing money either, since the logic of buying a Little Plumber means it will pay for itself with the energy it saves. Unit costs and details of the Little Plumber 12 month money back gaurantee are available on the Little Plumber website.

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