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Little Plumber SOLOLP2

21 September 2018

This is the Battery Operated version of the very successful LP2 and incorporates the same technology as the SOLO unit.

As you may know the SOLO units are the only battery operated electronic water treatment units in the world as far as we know and fill the need of customers who want to soften their water the electronic way but without having to plug a unit into the mains as is the case with all other LP units.

The SOLOLP2 has twice the output of the original SOLO unit but because it has two sets of aerials it can also be used to treat VENTED plumbing systems. This is achieved as with the LP2 by winding one set of aerials around the cold mains inlet (rising main) and the other set around the cold down pipe into the hot water cylinder. This  installation is generally performed in the airing cupboard but can also be done in the loft where the pipes to and from the header storage tank are easily seen.
The batteries used should be 4 x D cells and DURACEL make an Industrial cell which should last 7 months minimum.
These can be bought for as little as 90p each from

RRP is £290 inc VAT.

Currently being used by Balfour Beatty in Brighton.

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