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Hertfordshire homeowner wins a Driveway makeover!

01 August 2012

In July, the Drivewayfix team completely refurbished the drive of a delighted Hertfordshire competition winner!

Drivewayfix were more than happy to refurbish the driveway as part of a makeover competition in the local area.  The driveway was suffering from a common problem: potholes and faded Tarmac (macadam).    Drivewayfix promote a simple product range that relieves such issues, meaning that fully resurfacing is no longer the only option.  Why pay £2000-£4000 to lay a new drive, when it can be made to look like new with DriveRevive®!

The drive was first cleaned using a Pre-Wash to remove old oil and grease residue, which our car tyres can grind into surfaces over time.   This de-greasant is quick and easy to use, water-based and rinses off completely with water.

Drivewayfix’s Pothole Repair Kit was then used to repair a pothole in the drive, ensuring a smooth flat surface to work on.  The kit is used to permanently repair unsightly and dangerous potholes.  They are filled in minutes and can be walked or driven over instantly – repairing a driveway couldn’t be quicker or easier!

Finally, the driveway was treated with the amazing Drive Revive® - a water based paint used  to rejuvenate tired or faded drives.  Available in a 20 litre container, Drive Revive® protects against every day wear and tear and helps to prevent the growth of vegetation.  Environmentally friendly, Drive Revive® enables for easier cleaning of future oil leaks and fuel spillages.  Most importantly, a drive will look freshly laid!

Drivewayfix are promoting this easy to use refurbishment range nationwide, and consumers will be looking for approved contractors to complete this work.  Call now on 01827 871871 or email to find out when the next training event is available, and you can be well on the way to improving your own skill set, and offering further contract services in your local area.

Once you’re signed up you will receive a starter pack that’s perfect for promoting your latest business venture.   As an added benefit, all online enquiries made at will be forwarded straight to you, so you can provide a Drivewayfix quote directly.

With many homeowners across the country needing a Drivewayfixer, you would be crazy to miss this opportunity for your own skilled business.

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