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Ultrascape’s gem, Flowpoint, sparkles at the Jewellery Quarter

30 March 2012

The renowned flowable grout, Ultrascape Flowpoint, has been used for a rejuvenation in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has over 100 retail outlets, Europe’s largest school of jewellery and makes 40% of the UK’s jewellery.  Its importance to the local community secures its popularity, and high numbers of visitors are recorded daily.

A street junction, located in the core of the Jewellery Quarter’s  conservation area, known as Albion Square, has recently been improved by Parade Civil Engineering, creating an attractive and functional public place for the many visitors.

Ultrascape Flowpoint, a flowable grout, was specified by Canwells for use on this project.  It is ideal for urban regeneration schemes as it allows large areas to be pointed quickly, and with ease, then simply washed clean.

The product is suitable for almost all paving types, including sandstone, limestone, concrete and granite.  It is fast and efficient to apply leaving a perfect, stain free finish.  Perfect for wide or narrow joints, Flowpoint can accommodate widths of 5-50mm and depths of up to 200mm in a single pass.  It is therefore, just as equally suited to irregular granite setts as it is to large profile stone paving.

Due to the product’s rapid setting performance, paving grouted with Flowpoint can be opened to pedestrians in just 1 hour and vehicular traffic after only 4 hours, minimising disruption to the area.

Ultrascape Flowpoint meets and exceeds all of the requirements of the latest British Standard, BS 7533.  In addition, it is also available in ECO, offering all the regular benefits of the grout but containing 20% recycled material, significantly reducing the consumption of virgin aggregates.

Flowpoint was instrumental in the project completing on time - well in advance of December’s busy Christmas shopping period.

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