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Acupuncture Provides a Perfect Pairing for Environ Skin Care

22 September 2008

Pioneering vitamin skin care products from Environ have been chosen by Linda Carter - top London acupuncturist and holistic facialist to the stars.

The vitimin care products were chosen to complement an innovative acupuncture facial designed to combat the signs of ageing, using the range’s important active ingredient, vitamin A. 

Linda, who has previously treated many A-listers including Angelina Jolie and Julianne Moore, devised the new treatment as an alternative to traditional hands-on facials specifically for clients looking to avoid invasive surgery, harsh chemical peels and volatile botox solutions.  Long term benefits include increased hydration and elasticity in the skin, enhanced muscle tone and jaw line definition, refining of the pores and improved hormonal balance.

Vitamin A – the corner stone to Environ’s philosophy and essential for healthy, youthful looking beautiful skin – is scientifically proven to assist in the repair of collagen and boost elasticity, thereby reducing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, all of which are associated with the ageing process.

Linda uses hair thin needles which are skilfully inserted into specific points on the face and manipulated. This brings blood to the surface boosting collagen production and encouraging cell renewal.  An Environ facial with high levels of vitamin A and other active ingredients completes the process.  

“I like to use a holistic approach which does not focus solely on the use of creams,” says Linda “however Environ’s vitamin enriched, quality products enhance stimulation, boost collagen levels and promote healing. They work in perfect synergy with my acupuncture techniques.”

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