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Beauty Salons have the answer to celebrity stretch mark problems

04 October 2007

When the media recently featured a photograph of singer Amy Winehouse, it wasn’t her trademark beehive and heavy eyeliner that caught the eye but the unsightly stretch marks clearly visible on both breasts, a symptom of skin damaged by rapid weight gain an

Fortunately, beauty therapists have the answer for such saggy situations which afflict celebrities and mere mortals alike in the form of EssentiA Oil from Environ.  EssentiA Oil is a potent body firming product, containing high strength vitamins A and E, which protects, promotes and smoothes the collagen and elastin fibres in the breast area, helping to maintain skin tone and elasticity.  

Stretch marks are common, even in young people, and can occur on any part of the body after significant weight loss following weight gain, as Amy’s case shows.  

According to Tracy Tamaris, UK distributor of South African anti-ageing skincare brand Environ:   “Stretch marks may not be totally repaired but products containing vitamin A, scientifically proven to promote fresh collagen production and assist with skin repair, can help reduce their appearance.  Although they are more commonly associated with the abdominal area, stretch marks easily occur on the breasts, where supporting muscles are minimal, making the bust prone to loss of shape and condition.”   

EssentiA Oil contains effective levels of vitamins A and E, coconut and jojoba oils,which is easily absorbed into the breast area after taking a shower or bath.  As well as helping to firm the bust skin, the oil can prevent and treat stretch marks commonly caused by weight gain or pregnancy, and helps smooth a crepey, sun-damaged décolletage.  The oil rehydrates and softens the skin while stimulating collagen and elastin production. 

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