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Skin Rejuvenation Innovations at Dr Des Fernandes Events

25 February 2010

South African plastic surgeon and Environ® founder, Dr Des Fernandes, had an enthusiastic welcome from more than 350 delegates when he presented two half day master classes in January in central London. The first event was aimed at skin care therapists and

On 25th January Dr Fernandes spoke about the background to Environ, the research and development of skin needling and presented his two new needling tools and Environ products. The first of these is the new Focus CITTM, a small needling device designed for use around the eyes, frown lines, upper lip and individual pigmentation marks, and areas of the face not easily treated by the original, larger Cosmetic Roll-CITTM roller tool. The new Body Roller can be used by aesthetic practices for treating stretch marks and scarring.

Dr Fernandes presented two exciting new products: the Ionzyme® Focus Frown Serum and the Ionzyme® Focus Hydrating Serum. The Frown Serum is the only product to combine three specific ingredients scientifically proven to soften and smooth frown lines and works by blocking muscle contractions and making the targeted muscles less responsive to nerve impulses.  The Hydrating Serum was developed as an alternative to mesotherapy hyaluronic acid injections. It is focussed on increasing hydration in the skin, thereby relieving dry skin and reducing wrinkles. Both products will produce the best and fastest results when used with the needling tools or in conjunction with sonophoresis in salon treatments.

Dr Fernandes then answered questions about all aspects of skincare and its relationship with skin physiology. The session covered a wide range of subjects including omega 3 and lipid bi-layers, SPF values of vitamins, vitamin A and acne treatments, the therapeutic use of mild peels, winter retinoid reactions and IPL, vitamin A and pigmentation.

On 26th January, Dr Fernandes introduced the audience of skincare and aesthetic professionals to his latest needling inventions and gave two live demonstrations of needling on the face and the body. This event was of significant interest to skincare therapists who are increasingly working with cosmetic doctors and nurses to provide such advanced treatments. In his introduction to Dr Fernandes, iiaa founder and Environ distributor, David Alpert, revealed plans for creation of an aesthetic nurse needling team to provide the Medical Needling service to salons and clinics.

Dr Fernandes demonstrated the Medical Focus CITTM, a device that requires local anaesthetic to be applied to the face before use. The demonstration subject had old acne scarring and open pores, ideal for this treatment. After treatment the face is red, but treatment ‘downtime’ is very minimal, as the procedure is barely invasive. This makes Medical Needling a potentially popular treatment in salons and clinics. The second demonstration used a new Body Roller with local anaesthetic on lax abdominal skin and stretch marks. In both cases a course of treatments would be recommended to achieve desired results.

“We create regeneration of normal skin, not scar tissue. ” commented Dr Fernandes, who explained that needling is the first aesthetic treatment that has been shown to stimulate fresh elastin, as well as collagen production.  What further differentiates the needling technique from any other treatments available, such as laser, is the absence of scarring and damage from the procedure, and its safety even on darker skin types, he explained.

Dr Fernandes commented that Dr Matthias Aust at Hanover University had shown that natural growth factors in the skin are most successfully stimulated by application of both vitamin A and percutaneous collagen induction therapy (needling) together. The needling causes micro-trauma which releases growth factors in the dermis, while the micro channels created also increase penetration of the vitamins. One study showed a 22% thickening of the epidermis over 8 weeks when applying only vitamins A and C topically without needling. When skin was needled without vitamins applied, the thickening was 100%.  Finally, proving the value of topical vitamins used in combination with needling treatments, there was a 140% thickening when both were applied.

The events gained an enthusiastic response from delegates. Margaret Donaldson, beauty therapy lecturer at Coatbridge College in Scotland, who attended both days, said: “The events were both enjoyable and highly informative. Dr Fernandes’ knowledge and understanding of the subject area was inspiring and for me encouraged further interest.  I came back to the college and discussed the content with our students. After this, they purchased the Cosmetic Roll-CIT and in due course we hope this will enable us and the students to market the benefits of needling to our clients.”

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