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Vitamin Power Stars in Environ’s New AVST Body Oil

08 September 2010

South African vitamin skincare specialist Environ is renowned for skin revitalising preparations where every science-backed ingredient is included at effective levels that give noticeable results.

AVST Body Oil is the latest addition to Environ’s AVST range, which is aimed at keeping skin in great condition from top-to-toe. 

AVST Body Oil is a very fine oil, containing high doses of vitamins A, C and E, ingredients that fight the signs of sun damage and ageing and improve firmness and hydration.

The nourishing, moisturising oil is formulated to improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce body scars and tighten lax body skin.

It is perfect for numerous concerns from smoothing a crepey décolletage, to tightening slack ‘bingo’ wings, and minimising the appearance of stretch marks commonly caused by weight gain or pregnancy.  It is excellent for dry skin conditions and is particularly recommended for sun damaged areas of the body. 

This is no superficial, short-term moisturising product, it uses the known effects of the vitamins to stimulate the body’s own natural moisturising factors and promote firmer skin. 
The oil stimulates the production of healthy collagen and elastin and improves the blood supply to the layers of the skin, increasing the growth of the basal layer of the skin.  This in turn thickens the epidermis while compacting the skin’s surface.

AVST Body Oil is best applied regularly, after a bath or shower.  It has particularly good results when used in conjunction with Environ’s AVST Hydrating Lotion.

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