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Condition Assessment without a Laptop

19 August 2008

Megger, the provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications introduces new condition assesment process.

With the introduction of Megger’s new DELTA3000 test set, automated insulation power factor testing – an invaluable aid to non-destructively assessing the condition of high-voltage electrical equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers and motors – can now be carried out without the inconvenience of having to link the tester to a laptop computer.

Instead of relying on an external PC, the 10kV DELTA3000 test set is controlled by an on-board version of Megger’s versatile PowerDB software package, which also offers facilities for directly generating test reports, such as tables of contents and data sheets, as well as deficiency and comment reports.

Designed to be easy to use without the need for extensive hardware or software set up, the automated testing facilities offered by the innovative DELTA3000 test set greatly reduce the time needed to carry out tests and also virtually eliminate the risk of errors. The operator interface is highly intuitive and supports user-configured test sheets and procedures.

A full QWERTY keyboard complements the large built-in liquid crystal high-resolution colour display that shows the test results. These include voltage, current, power (loss), power factor and capacitance. The results can also be stored as an XML format file along with historical test data, making it easy to evaluate trends, and to export the data to external software packages. Data export is further facilitated by the instrument’s USB memory stick support.

The Megger DELTA3000 automated insulation power factor test set is a rugged portable unit that is ideal for on-site use. It incorporates a tracking automatic interference suppression system that allows it to give reliable results even in the presence of severe electrostatic and electromagnetic interference, making it suitable for use in energised switchyards up 765kV.

For in-field calibration verification, the DELTA3000 test set can optionally be supplied with 100pF and 1000pF reference capacitors. For high-voltage turns-ratio testing, the test set can optionally be supplied with a 10nF TTR capacitor. Additionally, as well as performing insulation power factor tests, the instrument can also be used for measuring the excitation current and inductance of transformer windings

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