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Megger has the definitive test for transformer insulation

16 April 2009

With the new PAX IDAX-300 test set from Megger, the condition of the insulation in power transformers – a key indicator of future reliability and performance – can be easily, quickly and accurately assessed.

Information provided by the instrument is an important aid for optimising the service life of costly power transformers. The test set is also suitable for assessing the insulation condition of bushings, cables, motors and generators.

The innovative IDAX-300 is based on frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS), which is also known as true dielectric frequency response testing. This well proven and dependable technique is now available in a self-contained, field portable unit with USB and LAN communications, allowing convenient, remote controlled testing, data retrieval and analysis.

By using FDS, which involves measuring the capacitance and tan delta/power factor of insulation at multiple frequencies, the IDAX-300 is able to evaluate not only the condition of the oil in a transformer, but also the condition of the solid insulation.

This gives a much more comprehensive and dependable indication of the transformer’s overall health than traditional test techniques. FDS also offers the additional important benefit that tests can be performed at any temperature.

The latest in the range of FDS test sets from Megger, the IDAX-300 is complemented by new software that has been specifically designed for ease of use, and which allows moisture assessment of the insulation in a transformer to be completed in just 18 minutes.

Weighing less than 5 kg and capable of operation from battery or any 50 or 60 Hz supply in the range 90 V to 265 V, the IDAX-300 is equally suitable for use in the laboratory, the workshop or on site. It is supplied in the form of a complete ready-to-use kit that includes the instrument itself, a set of 30-foot cables, a hard transport case, a soft case for accessories, a software CD and a comprehensive user manual.

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