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Measurement of Moisture in Oil Made Easy by Megger

25 November 2008

With the latest KF-LAB and KF875 test sets from Megger, the moisture content in insulating oils can be measured easily and accurately, without the need for specialist skills.

Whether at home in the laboratory, the workshop or on-site, these KF-LAB and KF875 are rugged compact instruments that use the industry-standard technique of coulometric Karl Fischer titrimetry.

The new test sets are highly portable and have internal rechargeable batteries to facilitate use in the field. They can also be powered from the mains supply, or from a 12V car battery. To further enhance portability and convenience, both models feature an integral printer and a low-drift measuring cell, and both are supplied in a rugged carrying case that has provision for storing accessories such as sample syringes and power cables.

The portability of the test sets is a major benefit, as accurate determination of the condition of oil used in electrical apparatus is a key indicator of future performance and safety. However, many factors can affect the condition of oil samples in transit to a laboratory for testing, leading to inaccuracies. On-the-spot testing eliminates these problems and also provides near-instant results, allowing equipment with defective oil to be taken out of service immediately.

To ensure consistent and accurate results, KF-LAB and KF875 test sets incorporate  patented ACE (automatically compensated errors) titration control system. This eliminates the inaccuracies, found in many Karl Fischer test sets, which result from changes is in electrolysis cell resistance.

The KF-LAB test set is a versatile instrument suitable for use with samples having specific gravities from 0.60 to 1.40, and it can accommodate a range of sample sizes. This allows it to be used for measuring the water content not only in insulating oils, but also in other fluids such as fuels and lubricants.

The KF875 is optimised for fast, straightforward testing of insulating oils with a specific gravity of 0.875, and uses a fixed-size 1 ml sample. This makes it particularly easy to use – all that’s needed to carry out a test is to press one button and inject the oil sample.

For both instruments, the results are typically available in less than a minute, and are displayed as micrograms of water or parts per million. The test results can also be printed with the built-in printer to provide a permanent record. For extra flexibility, the KF-LAB allows results to be calculated on the basis of either the weight of the sample or on its volume and specific gravity.


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